About Anida

Your queen in her own words…

My Story

When I was a baby drag queen I wanted to see my name “ANIDA TYTHOLE” in bright rainbow coloured lights! I aspired to become the world’s most famous Tythole. Showcasing a dynamic array of colourful party inspired performances. I vowed never to be boring or dull – I wanted then, like I am now; to be the most vibrant pink Tythole who’s always ready to please my audiences. In any way I can….


My Accolades

As Queen Of The Valley I continue to support the local community and host fundraisers to support The Fraser Valley Youth Society. This orginiazation supports LGBTQ+allied youth in the valley which is something I support a great deal. They also host Fraser Valley Pride which is a celebration that I continue to support through performing and fundraising efforts.

I am and will always be a “QUEEN for the people”!

Lets See that bitch in action!